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Floor Trace 2018 - (...)

Work description

Over time, a precise space devoted to painting has been defined in the studio. Over the years I noticed that on the floor in this zone all the traces of my steps and all the daily gestures determined by the act of painting have amassed there. I decided to transform the substance that was taking shape into a work and since 2018 I have put a sort of carpet made of elastic cement measuring 324 x 266 cm on the floor. It is a space that gradually gets covered in paint and dust. The impression is that of seeing a skin made of clay, almost like the dregs in the bottom of my brush holder, on which everything is slowly recorded.

Series description

I came upon a trail of water in the dust spilt that looked as though it had been sprinkled from the spout of a funnel, which reminded me of my previous observations... (From Eugène Delacroix’s journal, 6 May 1852) During the trajectory, imprints form and substance accumulates.Moving, acting, crossing through the space, leaving colour, tracing signs: all of this activity leaves parts of itself behind. What remains along the way constitutes something parallel and marks the passage of the experience. I turn back, I see the wake that I have left and I recognise something.


Tech and Materials

Oil paint on elastic cement





Archive number



266 x 324 cm circa