When I organised the shapeless magma, with all those works I had produced over the years inside it, I didn’t see the archive as an absolute and immobile entity, but as an organism in movement capable of giving others the chance to construct different forms of reading by choosing and rearranging the material.
I imagined that my vision could be resumed, reawakened, revitalised and regenerated, transforming and adapting itself to someone else’s vision.
This possibility is what is developing in the section I have chosen to call ‘Portrait’. It makes visible projects that people have made specially for this site.
The things the section contains can be selected, reorganised and even mixed up with the material from other archives and other visions.
I imagine that a portrait of me made by many voices will gradually emerge. However, at the same time I hope that these portraits will also somehow become forms of self-portrait, because through reading my work it is as though projections of many others could be born. Almost like a plural constellation that extends through space, instead of being just a form of personal, individual, unequivocal stratification.

What follows are short descriptions of each project. To enter each of them, access via the index in the ‘Portrait’.


My artist friend Stefano Arienti imagined a journey into my world, through a long sequence of images the visitor can interact with, moving closer or further away, or making your point of view slightly out of focus via small movements.
From the finished works to the hangings and the processual moments, he began a visual walk that can be interrupted whenever you want, but that you can never turn back on.
Only at the interruption point or at the end of the walk, on leaving the pathway, can you read the text that reveals the project and explains it from his point of view.