The aim of the Maria Morganti Archive Committee (founded in2023) is to conserve, develop, safeguard and promote the artist’sworks and intellectual production included in the archive as a work in evolution (the artist is still active). Memorising, archiving and being archived are an integral part of Morganti’sartistic practice.
The archive is not only a tool for cataloguing and documenting the work; it is also both the paradigm and the result, the cataloguer and the stimulus of the artistic research. The committee manages it by treating it like a work and by handlingthe release of authentic archival certificates and drafting the general catalogue, institutionalising and embracing the artist’s idea of a dynamic and generative archive.
Each individual work is the fragment of a whole that is recomposed in the archive. The archive is catalogued as a work within the archive itself. The archive, which contains files of all the works, as well as documentation and the artist’s reflections, is available online.

Scientific committee
Maria Morganti, artist (President)
Luca Pes, historian (Vice President)
Cristina Baldacci, art historian
Barbara Garatti, archivist
Piero Pes, student
Elena Volpato, art historian

Legal advice
Alessandra Donati, lawyer